Online Therapy

"Hay momentos en los que la vida separa a determinadas personas sólo para que entiendan lo importante que son la una para la otra" Paulo Coelho

‘Life sometimes separates people so that they can realise how much they mean to each other’ – Paulo Coelho

Online Therapy

Online therapy has become a therapeutic necessity in our fast moving and globalised world. Transcending distance, it is a time saving solution for people with an overfilled agenda and almost the only possibility to initiate a process of personal growth when the hotel room has become a second home. For expats it means the possibility of expressing their emotions and concerns in their native language, with a therapist who shares their cultural values and social customs.

If this is your life style and you are searching for answers about yourself and the world around you, do not wish to do individual therapy, I also offer the more entertaining option of ‘Online Maya Support Group‘. This online modality grants the opportunity of creating your own group with friends spread out in the distance.

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