10/03/17-Live the present moment. Let go your predetermined ideas, prejudice and anger which condition your way of understanding the events.

23 / 06 2016

23 / 06 2016

Self-existing white world enlacer

Freedom, ditachment, every beginning leads to an end and every end leads to a new beginning.

Today is a day to act and relate leaving aside unsolved matters from the past. Just for today, dare to simply live the present moment, detached from predetermined ideas, prejudice and resentments which limit your understanding of happenings. Dare to live today as if you started a new adventure – with your attention fully in the present moment and that exciting expectation of not knowing what contingencies you will find along the way. Find new strategies to carry out your duties. This way you will feel free and you will relate with others in a sincere way.

Maya question for today: What do you need to feel free?

We are in the Maya year of the Storm, in the Enchanted wave of the Night

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