Holistic Alternative Therapies

‘It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult’ -Seneca


According to my professional and personal experience alternative therapies favour the humanistic process of awareness. With their holistic influence, they naturally release energetic blockages in the oganism as a whole, whether of emotional, spiritual, physical or electro-magnetic origin. Hereby consulters gain access to information which was hidden in their unconscousness. At the same time they are a concrete tool for consulters to initially lean on, giving them the courage to face their inner fears, solituide and other dominant emotional states. Thus alternative therapies facilitate and accelerate self-imporvement and the accomplishment of desired changes. On the other hand, the humanistic work of awareness about the emotional content of the energetic liberation significantly decreases the likelyhood of  the blockage’s reappearance due to inertia. Humanistic and holistic therapy beautifully complement each other in this way.

The alternative terapies I work with are Mediterranean Flower Essences, Resonance Repatterning, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Transfer Factor.

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