‘Maya’ Support Group

El día maya de hoy es…

The ‘Maya’ Support Group

The Maya Philosophy turns our lives into a fascinating and adventurous journey. From this perspective, each day contains a different kind of energy, favoring a specific feature of the human being. Reflecting about these invisible energies, we get in sync with our own rythm and with our environment. This way we awaken to a new consciousness, whereby we can overcome our daily challenges preserving an inner harmony.

The Maya Support Group provides a space to share ideas, experiences and concerns with this broader perspective, until we understand our deepest yearnings and fears. As we get in touch with our authentic self, we start feeling, thinking, acting and relating with coherence. Our life is filled with illusion and strength, and in an almost magical way things start flowing and resolving with ease.

As it is a lighter form of personal growth than individual or family therapy, the Maya Support Group is an optimal choice for those who are simply seeking for answers to those questions we have in the back of our mind, about ourselves and our surrounding. Furthermore, it becomes an enjoyable and enrichening space when building an interactive group with friends. As an alternative I also offer the ‘Online Maya Supoort Group‘, in case of remote location.

Comments from members of the Maya Support Group:

  • The Maya Support Group has helped me know myself better.
  • Thanks to the Maya Vision I can handle my day to day life much better.
  • It helps me understand why things happen.
  • Now I am less scared to start doing something. I still have the same initiative, but with less fear.
  • The Maya Calendar helps me grow on a personal level. I used to feel rather insecure, whereas now I have more self-confidence as a woman, specially as a mother.
  • I used to go to family constellations. Now I no longer feel the need to go.

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