Individual Therapy

‘Future tortures us and past enslaves us. This is why present escapes from our hands’ – Gustave Flauvert

Individual Gestalt Therapy

With its humanistic focus on the person’s present situation, Gestalt therapy combines a series of dynamic and creative techniques to promote the awareness of one’s own potential. As they increase their consciousness about what they are experiencing here and now, consulters start to realise how they can make use of their capabilities, consolidate their self-confidence, and learn to manage boundaries in an adequate manner. It is an awakening to what the person is feeling, in order to fully be herself.

When do I work with Gestalt therapy?

  • Emotional issues:  anxiety, aggressiveness, despair, depression, solitude, isolation, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, apathy, lack of concentration, low efficiency, sleeping disorders, unsatisfactory relationships, phobias, ticks, etc.
  • Psychosomatic symptoms and chronic conditions, where the emotional imbalance is physically manifested in the form of pain or illness. Most commonly, these symptoms are headaches, respiratory difficulties, digestive disorders, motoric limitations, skin problems, etc.

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