Time is on our side

On Easter Sunday I always rejoice at the sight of the breakfast table, those delicately painted hollow eggs hanging from Easter branches and the kids’ cheerful excitement as they keep adding chocolate eggs, colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies discovered in hidden places… The role of the bunny in the Easter festivity is not really clear. […]


(Español) 10 consejos para el 2017

(Español) Sólo cuando tienes claro qué es lo que realmente te inquieta, puedes hacer algo para solucionarlo. He aquí unas pautas para para vivir el 2017 de otra forma.


May the Force be with you

An effective way of transforming your reality is by aligning your thoughts, desires and actions in the same direction


Accepting reality

Do you know that feeling when even though you got nothing to do, you’re still running around in stress?

Enchanted Wave of the Warrior-blog2

Maya calendar – Enchanted Wave of the Warrior

Enchanted Wave of the Warrior According to the Maya Calendar, on July 3, 2016 we start walking in the Enchanted Wave of the Warrior. This wave calls for courage. After the internal transformation facilitated by the previous Enchanted Wave of the Night, the coming thirteen days encourage us to be aware of our values ​​while we interact with […]

Soledad - hombre al fondo de columnas


Loneliness is one of Plato’s legacies, with his primacy of the individual intellect.